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Hi Kicks,

Definitely still answering emails - the idea is for this to be a long-term project. The random aspect is nice, and so is the social aspect (and getting to be social on our own terms). In a way emails are nicer than meeting in person because they can be as succinct or verbose as we like. And we can read/answer them whenever we like.

I'm not a fan of social media sites either. I don't use any other than reddit, and even with reddit I'm pretty disengaged and not contributing much. I also like the "old" web, though it can be hard to find relevant content sometimes, so I usually don't branch out much. Honestly I'm mostly just trying to spend less time in a web browser in general. I do web development as a career and basically always have. At the end of the day I feel pretty done with it.

I looked at both the sites you linked. I found them pretty difficult to navigate, and I felt like the content I did see was very specific to themselves or a small group of people. It didn't seem aimed at a wide audience. Though I liked the sentiment, and I like that you look for niche content that works for you outside the mainstream.

My site's only been up for a few weeks. I've had maybe a dozen emails. It's been fun and I'm sure it will continue to be. I would encourage you to pass the link as much as you like. I think it's great if someone wants to do that because I'm sure it'll reach places I wouldn't get to myself.

Thanks for the note! It was nice to hear from you.


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