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> Have a look at the function `scimax-split-src-block` from John Kitchin

I was not aware of that function. I looked it up, and from [its source](, it looks like it supports only the Org Src blocks.

As I noted [above](, I needed a function to split **any** Org block; Src blocks is one of them. For example, I find myself splitting `#+begin_example .. #+end_example` blocks a lot too.

*Also it might be interesting to see how this function differentiates from the `org-babel-demarcate-block` function that @Mankoff mentions in his comment.*

> Best wishes and thanks for the post!

Thanks, and welcome! :)



> What about C-c C-v C-d?

I did not know about `org-babel-demarcate-block` before this!

Though, after going through its doc-string and [source](, I am thankful that all the exercise in this post did not go to waste :)

`org-babel-demarcate-block` also deals only with Org Src blocks, and I needed a function that splits any Org block as I note [above](

I tried it out, and it also behaves a bit differently than how I would like when point is in-between a line. See [my spec]( about "If the point is anywhere on the line .. Go to the end of the line, and then split the block.".

That said, now that I know how this function, I'll find ways to use this vs the one I define in this post.


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